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Waves Swim School 6 months to 10 year olds
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Waves Swim School West Lakes


We are all about kids and having fun! We specialise in kids swimming from 6-months to 10 years.

For the little ones, it is all about becoming familiar with water, and knowing what to do when in and around water which is first and foremost vital for their safety.

For the older kids, we work on swimming foundations such as breathing, buoyancy, body position in the water and the correct leg kicking action, all before we introduce a full stroke. Working on the foundations is really important to ensure a good swimming technique is ingrained.

Come and be part of the Waves Swim School family, have a coffee on us, chat to new friends and watch as your child develops important swim skills, water awareness and safety.

Why we are different from the big pools

Our goal is for Waves to feel like a second family that you can trust, rely on and enjoy spending time with.

Our class sizes are small which means your child gets more attention and is able to learn amongst a close-knit group. Being more of a boutique pool, we have the flexibility to design our classes to suit the kids. If something isn’t working amongst the kids, we change it.

We also believe in no floaties. You heard right. No floaties.

Floaties teach kids from a young age to be upright in the water which isn’t a natural swimming position. Trying to swim when you are upright takes a lot of energy, it is slower and overall not good practice. Floaties can also mean that kids gain a false sense of confidence around water. For these reasons, we believe from an early age, kids will learn quicker and better without floaties and once you see your child progress, we are sure you will agree!

Programs & Prices

Our classes have been designed so your child can progress from learning and building awareness around the water, to being a confident swimmer.

Our Oysters and Angel Fish classes require you, the parent/carer to be in the pool with your child to help them feel comfortable and help them learn, because you are their best teacher at this age! We even have cool adult and child sized matching Waves rash vests you can purchase and wear together!


For information on pricing, have a look at your child’s age group below. If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call on 0481 726 080 or you can email us at


Age: 4 – 12 months
Max per class: 12
Lesson: 1x 30min lesson per week
Price: $108 every 4 weeks

Oysters is about getting to know the water for the first time. We keep this class fun to make sure we reduce your baby or toddler’s fear and keep away the tears! Expect a lot of songs, splashing and games while your child explores and gets familiar with water.

Oysters will cover:

  • Getting familiar with water
  • Learning verbal and visual cues
  • Floating and buoyancy
  • Engagement and confidence through games and activities
  • Turning, rotating and rolling skills
  • Introduction to breath control
  • Strength and mobility
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Social skills

…and of course, lots of fun!

Angel Fish

Age: 12 months – 3 years
Max per class: 12
Lesson: 1x 30min lesson per week
Price: $108 every 4 weeks

Once your child is familiar with the water, we can start introducing some new water safety skills. We do this through songs, games and keeping the activities fun. We will work one on one with you and your child, but in this class we will encourage your child to do things on their own and start learning to be independent.

Angel Fish will cover:

  • Learning to float on their backs with a little help or on their own
  • Full submersion underwater while sitting or standing
  • Pushing out from the pool wall

Flying Fish

Age: 3 – 4 years
Max per class: 5
Lesson: 1x 30min lesson per week
Price: $116 every 4 weeks

Flying Fish is the age they start learning on their own without you, the parent or caregiver, in the pool with them. Our instructors work one on one with your child, building their confidence whilst teaching them water safety and foundation swimming skills.

Flying Fish will cover:

  • Floating on their back on their own
  • Learning to push out from the side of the pool
  • Jumping into the pool


Age: 5 years +
Max per class: 5
Lesson: 1x 30min lesson per week
Price: $116 every 4 weeks

Swordfish is all about water exploration, getting more confident, building awareness and making your child more independent in the water.

Swordfish will cover:

  • Safe entry and safe exit into and out of the pool
  • Moving around the pool using the sides
  • Jumping in, rolling over and floating for 20 seconds independently
  • Gliding to the pool wall on their own
  • Backstroke for around 10m

Sea Stars

Age: 6 years +
Max per class: 5
Lesson: 1x 30min lesson per week
Price: $116 every 4 weeks

Sea Stars is where your child will really start learning to swim. In this small group, your child is introduced to pushing off, kicking and moving with beginner strokes on their backs and fronts.

Sea Stars will cover:

  • Moving from one side of the pool to the other on their own, with a kickboard whilst holding their breath
  • Jumping in, rolling over, floating and swimming to the edge
  • Learn to independently swim 10m of backstroke
  • Learn to swim 10m of freestyle including breathing to the side

Payment Options & Terms



Payment is made via direct debit every 4 weeks.

Bookings are essential as our classes only have limited spaces and we don’t want your child to miss out!

Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

If you are unable to attend a lesson, that’s ok we understand things come up sometimes. Please make sure you call or text the swim school on 0481 726 080 to cancel the lesson as soon as you can, preferably with at least 12 hours notice so another child can fill the spot.

The missed lesson will result in a make-up lesson that will be added to your account (so long as you cancel well before the lesson has started, as above, as much notice as possible is appreciated).

Make-up lessons are valid for 6 months and can be used if there is spot available.

If a booked make-up lesson is not attended, then the make-up lesson will be forfeited.

If you do not call or text to cancel your child’s spot prior to the lesson, that lesson will also be forfeited and will not result in a make-up lesson.

Contact Us

For any questions or to sign up, please give us a call on 0481 726 080 or you can email us at or use the form below.